Department of Engineering Mechanics

1. Introduction

The Department of Engineering Mechanics  was established in 1963. In 1959, it was separated from the Department of Machine principle - Electrical (1959 - 1963).  It has been called Department of Engineering Mechanics .

The Department is responsible for teaching basic subjects for the Faculty of  Engineering and  researching  in the field of agricultural mechanical engineering.

The Department has contributed to the training of many engineers, masters, doctors in the field of agricultural engineering and engineering industry and rural construction.

2.  Responsible for teaching following courses:

Undergraduate program:

 Descriptive geometry,  Technical  Drawing, Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Mechanisms and Machine Design,  Structural mechanics, Engineering Dynamics, Soil mechanics,  Foundation Engineering,  Elastic theory, Finite element method, Steel structure, Reinforced concrete,  Rural construction planning, Planning, design and construction of irrigation works, Construction techniques and management of construction works, Architecture of rural works.

Postgraduate program:   

Analytical mechanics, Machine Mechanics, Vibrations Engineering, Machine Dynamics, Plastic elasticity theory  and magnetism.

3. Textbooks

Textbooks for undergraduate program:

Machine Principle, 1982

Theoretical mechanics, 1997

Strength of Materials, 1997

Mechanisms and Machine Design , 1997

Engineering Dynamics, 1997

Structural Mechanics, 1996

Technical Drawing, 2007

Descriptive geometry, 2007

Textbooks for Postgraduate program:  

Mathematical Methods in Agricultural Mechanics, 1984

Some problems of mechanical analysis and machine mechanics, 1995

Agricultural mechanics research method, 1996

4. Research Projects

Main research: Design and manufacture of agricultural machinery.

Research topics:

1. Research design and manufacture of seagull cutter, Prof. Dr. Dang The Huy 1976.

2. Research and design of machines for mechanized cultivation of tubers, National research project, code 02 - 13 - 01 - 02 - 19, 1983 - 1985,  Prof. Dr. Dang The Huy.

3. Research and design of machines for mechanization of pineapple cultivation, National research project code 02 - 13 - 01 - 02 - 28, 1983 – 1985, Prof. Dr. Dang The Huy.

4. Study on small mechanical tools for cultivation of shallow trees for farmer households, subject of ministerial level, codes B94 - 11 - 45, 1994 - 1996, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Van To.

5. Studying, designing and manufacturing equipment systems for production of sugarcane in industrial and modeling models, KC07 - 19 - 01 branch of state level, the Government of Vietnam (KC07 - 19), in 2004 – 2005, Dr. Do Huu Quyet.

6. Designing, manufacturing sawdust from cassava as mushroom material, ministerial level topic, in 2003, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Luong Van Vuot.

7. Research, design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for some key stages in the mushroom-feeding line at the household-level cluster, Ministry-level subject, code B2004 - 11 - 53, 2004-2005 Prof. Assoc. Luong Van Vuot.

8. Study design and manufacture of rice cultivator in clusters in accordance with rice cultivation techniques in Vietnam, topic of state level, code KC07 - 25 - 02 (under state level code KC07 - 25) , 2004 - 2005, chaired by Dr. Le Minh Lu.

9. Research, design and manufacture of machinery and equipment for a number of main processes of agricultural by-products to clean the environment, code B2006 - 11 - 33, 2006-2007, MSc. Dang Dinh Trinh.

5.  Other activities of the Department

In addition to teaching and scientific research, the Department also participates actively in other professional activities such as fostering excellent students in the Olympiad, instructing students in scientific research and social activities.

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