Research Facilities

Lits of Research Facilities

No Labs No Labs
1 Substation Practice Lab 23 Cultivation Machinery Lab I
2 Electricity Usage Lab 24 Cultivation Machinery Lab II
3 Electrical Safety Lab 25 Harvesting Machinery Lab I
4 High Voltage Technique Lab 26 Harvesting Machinery Lab II
5 Lighting Technique Lab 27 Hydraulics Lab
6 Electrical System Protection Lab 28 Pneumatic Lab
7 Electrical Equipment Repair Practice Lab 29 Agriculture  Machinery Lab
8 Electrical Construction Practice Lab 30 Vegetable Processing Lab
9 Applied Mechanics Lab 31 Grain Processing Lab
10 Mechanical Processing Practice Lab 32 Meat and Milk Processing Lab
11 Metallography and Heat Treatment Lab 33 Livestock Production Machinery Lab
12 Machine Repair Practice Lab 34 Internal Combustion Engine Lab
13 Restoration and Surface Treatment Lab 35 Vehicle Dynamics Lab
14 Tolerance and Assembly Lab 36 Vehicle Transmission Lab
15 Measurement Techniques Lab 37 Automobile Electrics and Electronics Lab
16 Power Electronics Lab 38 Machinery Conjugate Lab
17 Circuit Theory Lab 39 Automation Lab
18 Electrical Measurements and Sensor Lab 40 Micro Processing Technique Lab
19 Electrical Drives Lab 41 CNC Plasma Cutting Practice Lab
20 Electronic Techniques Lab 42 CAD/CAM-CNC Practice Lab
21 Electrical Engineering Lab 43 Welding Practice Lab & Hand Tools Used Practice Lab
22 Electrical Machines Lab 44 Cutting Process Practice Lab

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