Department of Agricultural Machinery



Teaching courses on machines and equipments for agricultural production, including: Hydraulic and water supply machines, cultivators, harvesting and preliminary processing machines, related livestock machinery, and so on for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Besides, constructing the textbooks, laboratories and doing scientific researches.

There are four professional groups:

1. Hydraulic and water supply

2. Agricultural machinery

3. Harvesting and preliminary processing machines

4. Machines for breeding

* Subjects for undergraduate student

Teaching subjects for majors: Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Product Processing and Preservation, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering and some others.

1. Hydraulic engineering

2. Hydraulic machinery and irrigation techniques

3. Hydraulics – hydropower

4. Environmental Engineering

5. Fluid mechanics and applications

6. Aquaculture facilities and equipments

7. Cultivator I.

8. Cultivator II

9. Design of cultivator.

10. Harvesting and pre-harvesting machines   

* Subjects for postgraduate student

1. Experimental planning

2. Theory of calculating the cultivation machine

3. Harvesting dynamics

4. Theory of calculating machines for breeding

5. Post-harvest technology

6. Fluid Mechanics and applications

* Scientific Research

1. Standardization of agricultural machines (Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Bang, 1975). National Project

2. Design of threshing machine (Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Vuong, 1975). National Project

3. Rehabilitation and grazing care research (Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Muon, 1982). Ministry project.

4. Research and development of small-scale rice harvesting machines for the Mekong Delta (Prof. Dr. Dao Quang Trieu, 1989). National project.

5. Study design of seagull cutter for Hai Phong city (Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Vuong, 1976). Ministry project.

6. Research and design a peanut machine. (Prof. Dr. Pham Xuan Vuong, 1985). Ministry project.

7. Research, design and manufacture a cleaning machine for export soya beans. (Prof. Le Cong Huynh, Dr. Le Van Bich, 1990). Ministry project.

8. Research on design and manufacture of a horizontal threshing machine. (Prof. Dao Quang Trieu, 1995). Ministry project.

9. Research on design and manufacture of a pineapple stem chopper (Dr. Dang Van Dinh, 1990). Ministry project.

10. Design of soil tillers (Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Bang, 1986). National project.

11. Research on design and manufacture of a soil tiller (small plots). (Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Bang, 1990). Ministry project.

12. Research, design and manufacture a cattle feed processing system for district animal husbandry (Assoc. Prof. Tran Minh Vuong, 1972). Ministry project.

13. Research on design and manufacture of an animal feed mixer (Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Minh Thuan, 1995). Ministry project.

14. Research on technology transfer of small-scale harvesting tools to produce products for rural development (Prof. Le Cong Huynh, 1997). Ministerial project.

15. Study on the model of coffee processing technology by wet method (Dr. Tran Nhu Khuyen, 2001). Ministry project.

16. Research on 3D flow and solids (Assoc. Prof. Hoang Duc Lien, 2004). National Project.

17. Two-phase turbulent flow pattern of non-uniform turbulence (Assoc. Prof. Hoang Duc Lien, 2004). International Science and Technology Cooperation Program with Bulgaria.

28. Research on technology and equipment in cage chicken cage industry 2000 (Dr. Tran Nhu Khuyen, 2005). National Project KC- 07- 09.

19. Design and manufacture a fertilizer for sugar cane (Dr. Ha Duc Thai, 2006). National Project KC-07-11.

20. Research on the effects of dam section on head rice yield (Dr. Ha Duc Thai, 2006). Nation project KC-07-15

21. Study some methods to reduce energy costs for the tillers. (Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Muon, 2004-2006). Ministry project.

22. Study of ground-breaking cutters combined with soil for 12 lotus motifs for weak and densely populated fields (Dr. Ha Duc Thai, Nguyen Viet Lau, Dang Viet Hoa, 2007). VNUA project.

23. Mechanization of cassava. (Dr. Ha Duc Thai). National Project KC.07.07 / 06-10.