The Faculty of Engineering, Vietnam National University of Agriculture has more than half a century of building and development. The Faculty has focus scientific research and technology transfer on the fields of Agriculture Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Food Engineering, Automation, Electronic Engineering,… Our researchers are committed to solving Agriculture Engineering challenges significantly impact Vietnamese farmers.

The staffs of the Faculty has well-trained scientists in many developed countries in the world: UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, China, .. In recent years, together with the expansion of cooperation with research institutes, domestic and foreign universities, Faculty of Engineering is aiming to build and develop the Faculty into a center of excellence in research and engagement with the community. The center has the ability to create highly intellectual products and successfully apply the future of farming technology in agriculture.


– To study, design, manufacture and improve existing agriculture machinery and equipment for planting, fertilizing & pest control, irrigation, produce sorter, harvesting and post-harvest. Particular focus is on mechanization of rice production and other crops: maize, cassava, sugarcane, tea, soybean, peanut …

– Research on technology and equipment for preserving and processing agricultural products: rice, cassava, potato, sweet potato, pineapple, litchi, longan, citrus, leaf vegetables, sprouts, tea, honey, meat, shrimp and sea fish.

– Technology and equipment for processing feed and aquatic products; mechanization in animal production, slaughter and preservation of animal and aquaculture products.

– Technology and equipment for processing by-products of agriculture, forestry and fishery to produce animal feed, fish feed, fuel and fertilizer;

– To study and develop the system of advanced equipment of hi-tech agricultural production.

– Application of electrical engineering and automation in agricultural production and preservation and processing of agricultural products.

– New and renewable energy, utilizing waste by-products of agricultural production.

– Technology and equipment transfer for agricultural production, preservation and processing of agricultural products.