Department of Electric Power Systems



1. Electric machines

2. Power supply system

3. Electrical instruments

4. Electrical Network

5. High-Voltage Engineering and Electrical Materials

6. High-Voltage Engineering

7.  Lighting  Engineering

8. Electrical Parts in Power Plants and Substations

9. Informatics specialized

10. Construction of electricity works

11. Electrical Safety

12. Relay Protection

13. Supplying electricity to industrial  zones  and residential areas

14. Short-Circuit Faults in Power Systems

15. Repair of electrical equipment

16. Electric Machines in automatic equipment

17. Economic electricity

18. Management and operation of power systems

19. Utilize of Electrical Power

20. Automation in power systems

21. Automatic elements in power systems

22. Electrical equipment for the factory

II. Laboratories

1. Electrical Machine Laboratory

2. Relay Protection Laboratory

3. Utilize of Electrical Power Laboratory

4. Power System Laboratory

5. High-Voltage Engineering and Electrical Materials Laboratory

6. Electrical instruments Laboratory

7. Lighting  Engineering Laboratory

8. Electrical Parts in Power Plants and Substations Laboratory

III. Research Projects:

1. Ministry-level projects

+ Application of computer in automatic measurement and control of the temperature and humidity of the air in the preservation and processing of agricultural products.

+ Studying economic and technical indicators for grid planning and design for agricultural development and consumption based on Vietnam’s ecological regions.

+ Improve the efficiency of using agricultural electricity network

2. University level projects

+ Using solar energy for living hot water

+ Study and exploit the application of software to measure torque using  servo motors and frequency converters

+ Research on air discharges and procedures in experimental and training

+ The Impact of Some Climate Elements on Earthing Systems for Electricity Projects

+ Construction of forecast functions for agricultural electric load

+ Solutions to reduce power losses in the agricultural electricity network

+ Calculate the optimal compensation capacitor point for the medium voltage network

+ Build  the test models for some types of relays used in Vietnam’s power system

+ Impact of some climatic conditions on ground resistance

IV. Articles:

+ Automatic temperature control system by computer” – Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, June 2001

+ Initial application of electronic calculator in automatic control of temperature – humidity mode. – Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development 2/2002

+ Design and installation of digital indicator device “- Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 2/2004

+ Initial study on the application of solar energy in hot water for living “- Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology, 3/2005

+ Analyze the neutral systems of distribution network – Electricity Magazine

V. Textbook

+ Electric Safety – Education Publishing House 2006

+ Agricultural Power Network – Educational Publishing House