Department of Mechanical and Electrical Workshop


1. Introduction

Mechanical and Electrical Workshop, Faculty of Engineering was established according to the decision No. 4162 /QD-HVN dated October 16th, 2017 of the Director of Vietnam National University of Agriculture with the following main functions: to have lectures on practices in mechanical and electrical engineering for students in Faculty of Engineering; To conduct scientific research projects and projects at all levels; To participate in scientific research and technology transfer in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering.

At present, the workshop is in charge of the workshop model of electrical and mechanical engineering, one of the models for visiting the Institute.

2. The facilities of the workshop include:

– Meeting room

– CAD/CAM -CNC lab

– Hand tools used practice lab

– Welding practice lab

– Cutting process practice lab

– Forging practice lab

3. Orientation of development

Together with the development of the Faculty and the University, the workshop aims to become a large and important workshop  of the faculty and the university in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, mechanics, and high technology to meet the requirements of training and technology transfer. The products of science and technology and applied products can be made at Mechanical and Electrical Workshop including:

– Products implemented from project themes at all levels;

– Precision mechanical products with high technology such as CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC plasma cutting.

– Machines in service of animal husbandry such as the manufacture of feed mixers, feeder system, cage floor, roof …

– Mechanical products used in agriculture such as: smart tree planting, net house, smart net;

– Common mechanical products such as iron doors, balustrades, roofs, fences, ovens …

– Low voltage electrical cabinets and control cabinets for agriculture

– Other products as requested by partners.