An Integrated Wireless Sensing System for Monitoring Environmental Parameters in Mushroom Houses

Some scientists from the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Biotechnology, Vietnam National University of Agricultures have collaborated to investigate, manufacture and successfully test an integrated wireless sensing system for monitoring environmental parameters in mushroom houses. .

The monitored parameters include temperature, humidity and light. The developed system not only collects spatial environmental data but also enables end-users to remotely observe them via smart devices. A wireless sensing network with five measurement points is built for on-site data collection.

Research has fairly accurate measurement results. Monitoring software using Vietnamese language to facilitate users in Vietnam. In addition, the system costs less than existing commercial products such as Monnit or Lebilium wireless networks. Therefore, the system can be used to monitor the temperature, humidity and light parameters in mushroom houses in Vietnam.

For details of the study results, please refer to the full text of the paper at Vietnamese Journal of Agricultural Sciences.